Tory (n.) 1566, “an outlaw,” specifically “one of a class of Irish robbers noted for outrages and savage cruelty.”

Tory…”from Irish toruighe “plunderer,” originally “pursuer, searcher,” from Old Irish toirighim “I pursue,” from toir “pursuit,”…

About 1646, it emerged as a derogatory term for Irish Catholics dispossessed of their land (some of whom subsequently turned to outlawry); c. 1680 applied by Exclusioners to supporters of the Catholic Duke of York (later James II) in his succession to the throne of England. After 1689, Tory was the name of a British political party at first composed of Yorkist Tories of 1680. Superseded c. 1830 by Conservative, though it continues to be used colloquially. As an adjective from 1680s. In American history, Tory was the name given after 1769 to colonists who remained loyal to the crown; it represents their relative position in the pre-revolutionary English political order in the colonies.”

Don’t get me wrong, no political party is free from the scourge of corruption and self-serving politicians, but the Tories are in a league all of their own.

Here is a list of Tory crimes, corruption, cronyism, fraud, scandals and lies that includes most of the cabinet…

Business as usual from the Tories… The new DWP minister, Therese Coffey, is an MP who recommended the limit on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in shops be lifted. Ladbrokes then literally paid for her and her staff to have a day out at the races…

“A Tory Councillor (David Smith) who was previously forced to apologise after calling people on benefits “pond life” who should be “sterilised” has resigned from the Conservative Party after it emerged that he had been charged with 9 counts of child sex offences.”

Conservative MP for Brecon and Radnorshire Chris Davies pleaded guilty to providing false or misleading information for allowances claims and attempting to do so in March

“The Conservatives are ­facing new “cash-for-access” claims after offering ­business figures private meetings with the Chancellor and other finance ministers in return for substantial donations to the party.”

“Tory councillor jailed after watching children being raped live online.”

“Tory Westminster councillor resigns after hospitality inquiry. Robert Davis, who received hospitality or gifts 893 times in six years”

“The former senior police officer in charge of investigating corruption has revealed that he was ordered [by the government] to halt an inquiry into Russian money laundering.”

“[Claire] Perry and officials met with all the key shale players – Cuadrilla, Ineos, iGas and Third Energy – along with oil and gas companies including BP on 21 May. While her meeting with wind power executives on the same day was recorded on an official transparency register, the shale event was not. Minutes of the shale meeting, which were eventually released under freedom of information rules, reveal:

• Perry hopes to “create a ‘UK model’ for shale gas extraction which can be exported around the world”.

• The UK plans to “make a virtue” of the industry’s regulation to help “export expertise abroad”.

• The government will make the case for shale gas to “get past myths on the topic”.

Gas, including that extracted from shale wells, is seen as a key part of the future energy mix.”

“Secretive Tory club who funnelled £100,000 to party coffers fined by Electoral Commission”

“Ex-Pembroke mayor David Boswell guilty of child sex abuse … Boswell was elected as a Conservative county councillor for Pembroke St Mary North in May 2017.”

“The British government refused to assist a French investigation into suspected money laundering and tax fraud by the UK telecoms giant Lycamobile – citing the fact that the company is the “biggest corporate donor to the Conservative party”

‘Ex-Tory councillor jailed for sex with 13-year-old girl asked arresting police: ‘Do you know who I am?’

Watch Sajid Javid admit to Jon Snow that he was perfectly aware of the tax evasion carried out by Deutsche Bank by paying senior employees through the Cayman Islands when he was a manager there…

“Following a Supreme Court ruling that Deutsche Bank staff had evaded taxes, whilst Sajid Javid was employed there, Channel 4s John Snow asked Javid of his knowledge of this, at the end of an interview. I captured the video. Channel 4 on demand service had censored the interview and removed the section on tax. I posted the video on YouTube. It was removed, the reason given was that it was “copyright material”.

Here is the interview.”

“A former chair of the Conservative Party’s LGBT group has been found guilty of six charges relating to downloading and distributing child abuse images and extreme pornography … He also served as an elected councillor on Trafford Council and ran for Parliament as a Conservative Party candidate in 2015.”

“Senior Conservative ministers including Sajid Javid, Andrea Leadsom, Penny Mordaunt and David Gauke have used taxpayers’ cash to fund the hard-Brexit European Research Group (ERG), which is now led by Rees-Mogg MP…

…The ministers have funded this lobby group (through their expense claims) whilst holding posts in government – despite the ministerial code prohibiting ministers from becoming “associated with non-public organisations whose objectives may in any degree conflict with government policy”.”

“Bob Spink, who served as Tory MP for Castle Point in Essex for five years before defecting to the pro-Brexit party in 2008, was found guilty at Southwark Crown Court of four counts of submitting false signatures on nomination forms, a type of electoral fraud.”

“A minister from Liam Fox’s Department for International Trade (DIT) lobbied the Brazilian government to smooth the path for BP and Shell to secure oil blocks in the country’s controversial pre-salt region, according to a diplomatic cable that officials accidentally failed to redact.

The document – obtained by Unearthed – details a March trip to Brazil by DIT minister Greg Hands. It reveals that, at a “private breakfast” in Rio de Janeiro, Shell, BP and Premier Oil relayed their concerns “around taxation and environmental licensing” to the minister.”

‘Priti Patel and Israel: An appalling breach of UK diplomatic protocol’

“The international development secretary’s secret meetings [along with a wealthy lobbyist from the Conservative Friends of Israel] in Israel trigger serious questions for any UK prime minister with a sense of integrity”

“Lord Ashcroft remained a non-dom, and continued to avoid tax despite attempts by Parliament to make peers pay their full share, leaked documents reveal.

The peer was domiciled for tax purposes in Belize at a time when it was widely believed he had given up the status, the Paradise Papers show.”

“Sometimes you come across a story that seems so unbelievable that you simply can’t absorb and process the information properly. It doesn’t compute or make much sense – until an investigation produces evidence.

The allegation is this. David Cameron sold three nuclear weapons of a foreign state, put them in unsafe hands and the Conservative party banks nearly £19 million which then sets the pretext for a conflict that kills a million people. Conspiracy theory? Fake news? Read on…”

“David Cameron received tens of thousands of pounds in ‘public duty’ allowance after quitting Downing Street – as he raked in money from corporate speeches and his memoirs.

The ex-PM claimed just over £50,000 to cover expenses after standing down in July following his defeat in the EU referendum.”

“David Davis backed a City high-flyer’s appeal against a huge fine for insider dealing a month after accepting a lucrative position at one of his companies.”

“A former Conservative leadership hopeful received a £17,000 golden goodbye after quitting the Cabinet following a sexting scandal, PoliticsHome can reveal.”£17k-golden

“The chancellor, Philip Hammond, who helped spearhead the government’s housebuilding programme, could make more than £1.5m in a previously undisclosed deal over a possible housing development on green-belt land.”

“British Prime Minister Theresa May has been criticised for appointing a minister for the Middle East who has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in hospitality from “repressive” Gulf states and Egypt.

Alistair Burt was appointed by May earlier this month, three-and-a-half years after being sacked from the same position by David Cameron in October 2013.

In the time between his removal and reappointment, parliamentary records show that Burt accepted at least £48,690 ($62,200) for eleven trips to the Middlle East, including several trips where he was accompanied by his wife who works in his office.”

“The Conservative Party contracted a secretive call centre during the election campaign which may have broken data protection and election laws, a Channel 4 News investigation has found…

“A Tory election candidate is a shareholder in her husband’s tax avoidance firm, the Mirror can reveal

Hannah David owns a 25% stake in HBFS Wealth Management, which specialises in helping wealthy people use tax laws to pay less inheritance tax using tax havens.”

“A Conservative fighting to retain his seat and his two aides have been charged with electoral fraud as part of a major investigation, less than a week before the country goes to the polls.”

“Chancellor Philip Hammond’s property firm has been handed a business rates cut of more than £12,000 over the next five years, as the Government hits thousands of other companies with crippling hikes.”

“David Hodge, the leader of Surrey (Tory) council, told Conservative colleagues that a “gentleman’s agreement” had been reached with senior cabinet ministers that persuaded him to cancel a threat to raise council tax by 15%”

“A top Tory aide has been charged with raping a woman inside the Houses of Parliament.”

“George Osborne gave a £150m-a-year tax cut when he was Chancellor that helped the asset management industry – in which he has just taken a plum job…Today it emerged Mr Osborne met the firm five times in his last two years in office – with the final meeting in July, days before he was sacked.”

“Chancellor Philip Hammond invested in a food tech company shortly before it won a share of a Government grant worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, it has been revealed”

“Nadhim Zahawi (Tory MP) has financial ties to Balshore Investments and Berkford Investments, which operate from a lawyers’ office in Gibraltar. He does not declare a connection to either company on the MPs’ register of interests.”

“Tory Matthew Sephton, a Conservative councillor for Altrincham, Greater Manchester, has been arrested in alleged connection with child abuse images.”

“A charity launched by Andrea Leadsom has received its main financial support from a foundation run by her sister and funded by her brother-in-law, a major Conservative donor and offshore investment banker”

“Back in 2013 David Cameron’s Tory party oversaw the sale of our NHS blood plasma supply unit to a vampire capitalist group called Bain Capital (which was founded by the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney). Fast-forward three years and Bain Capital have already handed David Cameron a lucrative speaking gig at one of their events just weeks after he quit politics”

“The Conservative Member of Parliament who convinced [former] Prime Minister David Cameron to refer to Islamic State as “Daesh” has been revealed to be in the pay of the Saudi regime, allegedly taking a monthly sum in return for promoting Saudi propaganda on the floor of the House of Commons.”

“Tatler Tory – the cover-up: It’s the sex and bullying scandal that’s rocked the Conservatives. Now a newly updated biography of Cameron reveals how the party tried to spin and smear its way out of crisis”

“Amber Rudd’s business career has come under scrutiny following a Guardian investigation that reveals her involvement with two companies in an offshore tax haven, and another where her co-director was jailed for fraud”

“Southern Rail owner profits hit £100m one day after £20m government ‘bailout’:

“Sajid Javid was a senior executive at Deutsche Bank in 2004 when it channelled bonuses through the Cayman Islands to enrich hundreds of top staff in London.”

Half of private firms behind NHS privatisation have links to Tories:

Tory MP works for firm targeting huge health service deal:

£1.5 billion has left the NHS and gone into the pockets of just 15 private companies linked to 23 Tory MPs and Lords, who were all able to vote for the Health and Social Care Act:

“A US report has claimed the UK’s Financial Services Authority “hampered” an official investigation into money laundering allegations against banking giant HSBC and that Chancellor George Osborne sought to influence the inquiry.”

“The Article our Corrupt Home Secretary Theresa May tried to CENSOR. Reproduced below is a Daily Telegraph article (in full) by Jonathan Foreman which was pulled after pressure from Theresa May’s leadership campaign”:

“Senior Tory Grant Shapps received payoff during bullying scandal”

“Tory corruption is to be kept secret. Two files entitled “Cementation contract: Mark Thatcher and the Omanis” are listed as being “retained” for 65 years. Two others were “temporarily retained” with no release date … Last year the Cabinet Office chose not to fully release government files for the first time in 50 years. That seems to now have become the tradition. The decision not to release the files was taken by John Whittingdale—who coincidently was an aid to Margaret Thatcher at the time the files were produced.”

“Philip Hammond, the World’s Sleaziest Man and the Ultimate Corrupt and Undemocratic British State”

“The world’s ten most corrupt countries have received £2.7 billion in British aid during David Cameron’s time as Prime Minister, according to official figures”

“The Conservative Party withheld key documents from an investigation into possible electoral fraud by the party, the elections watchdog has revealed”

“The result is that a spotlight has been thrown on the Conservative Party’s close links with the hedge fund industry, as research showed that around half of the wealthiest fund managers in Britain have given money to the Tory party, with the accusation that David Cameron was fashioning government tax policy in the interests of the sector…

…The conservatives have also been receiving donations from wealthy Russians who have taken British citizenship at that same table – foreign donations are banned under UK law but that didn’t stop the party from accepting £1.2million from them.”

“The shameless attempts by top Tories to whitewash their involvement in the tragic bullying to suicide of young Elliott Johnson is a sight to behold”:

“Former PM bumped up salaries of some advisors by £18,000 at a time when public pay sector pay rises were capped at 1%”:

“The sordid story of the geology professor, the fracking company, the old Etonian and the Tory Party fundraiser”:

“Corruption by omission. The British way. Cameron, Camilla Cavendish, the Sunday Times & HSBC”:

“Theresa May trousered £35,000 from millionaires on David Cameron’s honours list – which she refused to block”:

“List leaked of David Cameron’s cronies up for top honours including wife Samantha’s STYLIST”:

“The ex-PM defied civil service and legal advice in a move one union called ‘the kind of cronyism that gives politics a whiff of corruption”:

“So what is it with the Cameron government’s obsession with handing over more and more taxpayers’ money to SERCO despite the fact the Serious Fraud Office has been investigating the company for overcharging us? That’s easy to answer. The CEO of SERCO is Cameron’s mate, fellow Old Etonian Rupert Soames, brother of Tory MP and Cameron loyalist Nicholas Soames.”

“George Osborne has given the adviser responsible for his new image a promotion and a pay rise of more than 40%, and boosted the number of his political aides by three while asking public-sector workers to accept a pay freeze”:

“Theresa May has been accused of “unacceptable and regrettable behaviour” by a judge as she became only the second Home Secretary in history to be found guilty of contempt of court.”

“THERESA May has been accused of a child sex abuse cover-up, after rejecting demands for a super-inquiry which could investigate claims made against top Tories.”

“It’s been revealed recently that Savile was not a lone abuser. He was part of a paedophile ring based in the Scarborough and Whitby area. One of the leading members of the ring has been revealed by a local newspaper to be a senior local Conservative politician, Mayor and Councillor Peter Jaconnelli. But don’t expect to read much about that in the mainstream media. Because the cover up of Tory Party connections to paedophilia in general has been going on for decades.”

“Boris Johnson: Everything about you is phoney”:

“Lies of the Week with Jeremy Hunt”:

“There is an interactive map in the link below that shows the extent of David Cameron’s involvement in attempting to cover up the HSBC fraud, exposure of which could destroy his career and mean the loss of HSBC’s banking licence in US”:


“Thousands die after being declared ‘fit for work’ – no wonder Tories didn’t want anyone to know”:

“Meet the ToryMP on the Saudi payroll, Rehman Chishti”:

“Meet the Tory MP on the UAE payroll, Charlotte Leslie”:

“Senior Tories were dragged into the interest rate-fixing scandal last night as fresh evidence emerged that the banking industry denied there were any problems with “the integrity” of Libor five years ago”.

“So how corrupt is the Tory government?”

“Online advertising paid off massively for the Conservative Party in the 2015 General Election. It’s just a shame the Tories don’t seem to have declare the spending in their expenses returns”:

“A Tory election candidate has been arrested on suspicion of postal vote fraud in the first West Midlands Police operation of its kind linked to the 2010 polls.”:


“The truth is that in this country, electoral law is not enforced against those in power. That is why there is not much publicity around the Tory electoral fraud in at least 14 of their constituencies. It will be made quietly to go away”:

“Cameron connections to Corruption”:

“Newly elected Derby city councillor John Evans today appeared before Derby County Court over potential election irregularities”:

“Greater Manchester Police granted extension to investigate Tory election fraud”:

“Michael Gove, a front-bench ally of David Cameron, spent thousands on furnishing his London home before “flipping” his Commons allowance to a new property in his Surrey constituency, and claiming £13,000 in moving costs.”

“Electoral Commission statement on allegations regarding Conservative Party spending return for 2015 General Election”:

“Election Fraud: Britain’s Conservative Party ‘Broke the Law to Win the 2015 General Election”:

“former Tory council leader filed thousands of pounds worth of expenses, probe revealed he had barely spent 40 minutes in parliament buildings on each of these days”:

“Minister Grant Shapps was forced to quit over the ‘Tatler Tory’ scandal yesterday amid shocking new claims of blackmail, adultery and political corruption”:

“Millionaire Tory Philip Hammond’s £200 a month ‘tax dodge’:

“Liam Fox resigned as it emerged that the Defence Secretary had personally asked a City financier to bankroll his unofficial adviser”:

“Tory Cabinet minister ‘caught on camera at child sex party”:

“A Conservative MP’s local party was given undeclared payments linked to a businessman involved in a stalled stadium development, it has emerged”:

“Tory MPs out to scrap the minimum wage have put their wives on their Westminster payrolls at taxpayers’ expense”:

“Looking for a party funding scandal? Try David Cameron’s Conservatives”

“Tory MP puts wife AND lover on public payroll costing you £65K”:

“Tory MPs on Bank Payroll”:

“Conservative – Married Tory Councillors Benefit Fraud”:

“Since being elected to government in 2005, Hunt has been involved in a string of scandals which when put together outshine some of the bigger scandals on this list. Yet somehow the impervious MP has gone on to be rewarded with ever more responsibility.”

“Here are some instances where other MPs and the public have called for the Teflon-coated minister’s resignation:”

· In 2009, he was forced to repay £9,500 of taxpayers’ cash after allowing his election agent to live rent-free in his subsidised home. This was after he had also breached the rules for claiming for a property that was his designated main home.

· In 2010, it was discovered his former parliamentary assistant had been given a civil service job. The assistant was the daughter of a Conservative life peer who had also been the director of Hunt’s company.

· In 2010, he apologised after suggesting hooliganism was to blame for the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

· In 2012, it was revealed he was a tax avoider (something Cameron said he would not tolerate) after dodging more than £100,000 in tax in a property deal.

· Again in 2012, close links were discovered between his office and Rupert Murdoch’s company News Corporation. Hunt, at the time, was handling the company’s bid to take over BSkyB. It was found Hunt and his advisors had communicated sensitive information to Murdoch.

· In 2013, the British Medical Association said he displayed “complete ignorance” after saying he thought the abortion limit should be changed to 12 weeks.

· His expenses featured: 1p for a 12-second phonecall, £75 on five candles, £700 on signs for one of his houses and a whopping £3,180 on stamps, envelopes and labels (in one year).

“Why is Hunt still in the cabinet? Labour leader Ed Miliband once said “it beggars belief” but maybe it has something to do with Hunt’s support during his buddy David Cameron’s leadership campaign?”

“Some of the allegations of child abuse against the Conservative leader who ran Britain from 1970 to 1974 relate to his uncommonly frequent visits to the island of Jersey on his yacht the “Morning Cloud.”

“A senior Conservative MP was exposed for abusing his position by tabling parliamentary questions and motions — and offering lobbyists a security pass for the House of Commons — after being paid thousands of pounds.”

“The Rise & Fall of Jeffery Archer”:

“Tory Ex-Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken is behind bars in a south London prison after he was jailed for perjury and perverting the course of justice”:

“Neil Hamilton, now minister at the Department of Trade and Industry responsible for business probity, and Tim Smith, junior Northern Ireland minister, were both named yesterday as recipients of payments passed to Ian Greer Associates by Mohamed Al-Fayed, the owner of Harrods, on top of a £50,000 fee for a parliamentary lobbying campaign”

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